How to apply for an Irish Scholarship

How to apply for an Irish Scholarship

An online application for an International Scholarship for Under-18s (ISAU-18) is now open.

The application will now be available for public review through the Irish Scholarship Service on the Irish Ministry of Education website.

Included are the details of the scholarship, which can be applied for by any student with an academic qualification and the age of the recipient.

It is not possible to apply online, but those who are in the process of making an application will be contacted by the Irish Department of Education to arrange for an online interview.

The IAI-18 scholarship is part of the Higher Education Funding Council of Ireland (Hefi) programme.

It covers up to €5,000 per year for up to two years, depending on academic achievement, starting at the age and subject level.

The first year of the IAI18 scholarship can be completed through an approved programme, and up to one year of further study after that.

To qualify for the IAA-18, students need to meet the following requirements:They have an academic level above A1 and B2 (or higher)