How to write a hope scholarship

How to write a hope scholarship

The Government of India is considering a new Hope Scholarship for women students who want to study abroad.

The government wants to give the scholarships for the first time, to women students from the top tier of the education system.

A scholarship is a form of financial support for women who want more time to study overseas.

While the current scholarship of Rs 6,000 is valid for one year, the new Hope scholarship will allow for up to six months of stay in the country.

This will be the first Hope Scholarship to be given to women in the past two decades.

According to a study by The Hindu, around 80% of the scholarships given by the government in 2015-16 were for women.

Since 2015, over 5,000 Hope scholarships have been given to students from different social classes.

But the study, conducted by a group of students at the National Institute of Technology in Hyderabad, found that the average number of applicants is about half a year.

In the past, only 5% of Hope scholarships were awarded in the first five years, the study found.