Which colleges are the best in the U.S.?

The rankings have been out since September and they were released today.

While the rankings may seem arbitrary, the numbers have been adjusted to account for student body size.

The College Board also adjusted for the number of seats each school can offer to freshmen and sophomores.

The ranking of colleges and universities is based on their performance on three measures of academic excellence: student body enrollment, graduation rate, and financial aid availability.

The top four schools are the University of Houston, the University at Buffalo, Texas A&M, the Texas A & M University, and the University Of Georgia.

The remaining five are ranked as follows: University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, University Of Arizona, and University of Iowa.

The top 10 schools are Stanford, Harvard, University College London, The Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, University in Geneva, University at Brockport, and Tufts University.