How to apply for the Penn State Scholarship

How to apply for the Penn State Scholarship

Penn State’s prestigious Lincoln Memorial Scholarship is open for applications beginning Monday, March 12.

The scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates academic merit and has demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and community service.

For students in the Lincoln Memorial Class of 2021, the scholarship is valued at $30,000.

Penn State will award $2,500 to students who are awarded the Lincoln Scholarship for Achievement.

The award will be distributed in four waves of application: January, February, March and April.

All applications will be evaluated on academic, service and community performance.

Penn State’s Lincoln Memorial Scholars will receive a $25,000 financial aid award each year for a maximum of 12 years.

The scholarships are available in the following financial aid categories: undergraduate (undergraduate scholarships), graduate (graduate scholarships) and professional (professional scholarships).