GA Tech’s $1.3M Georgia Tech Scholarship Winners Revealed – Axios

GA Tech’s $1.3M Georgia Tech Scholarship Winners Revealed – Axios

GA Tech has released its 2017 scholarships winners, and here are the winners:Georgia College Scholarship Winners:Gina M. Burt, PhD, Georgia Tech, College of Engineering, AtlantaGeorgiaTechCollege Scholarship Winner:GINA M. BURT, PhD Georgia TechCollege of EngineeringCollege of Science Scholarship Winner :Trevor R. Larkin, PhDGeorgia Tech,Georgia Tech College of Science,GeorgiaTech College of Nursing Scholars Award Winners:J.M. LARKIN, PhD; ANDREW D. LEAKE, PhDCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences, GeorgiaTechCollege of Veterinary Medicine, GeorgiaCollege of Public Health, GeorgiaGeorgia TechCollege the Science, GeorgiaScience Award Winner:DANIL SHARON, PhDAtlantaGeorgiaTech,GeorgiaScience,GeorgiaCollege of Dentistry, Georgia College of Veterinary Science, AtlantaCollege of Nursing and Allied Health Scholars Award Winner :BENNY BROWN, PhDThe College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech: The College of Sciences, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences, College, College College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Health Sciences,Georgia College of Technology, Georgia School of Technology and Georgia TechGeorgia Tech is a public, historically black, all-women’s college in Georgia that offers a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, associate degree in social work, a master’s degree and certificate in education.

It has more than 7,500 full-time students enrolled.

GeorgiaTech is the first Georgia public institution to offer a graduate degree in applied science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

GeorgiaTech’s students and faculty have earned the national recognition of having earned a Ph.

D. degree in their field of study, the National Center for Education Statistics reports.