How to get into MIT for the first time

How to get into MIT for the first time

By Andrew HarnikMIT has some interesting plans for how to make its students better educated.

MIT will launch a new initiative to increase the number of students enrolled in advanced courses from its core undergraduate program to double that number, and MIT’s dean of students has suggested that the university make its MIT degrees more valuable, rather than less, for prospective students.MIT is planning to make MIT degree programs more valuable by offering the most valuable courses to the most likely students, the dean of MIT’s Graduate School, Mark Johnson, told the Boston Globe.MIT plans to make all of its graduate courses more valuable as part of a new program called the MIT Opportunity Scholarship Program, Johnson said, which is set to launch in 2019.

The goal of the program is to help students who are interested in pursuing a post-graduate degree, but are not confident about how they will go about doing so.

Under the MIT Opportunity Scholarship Program initiative, the school will award grants to students who have an 80 percent chance of graduating from MIT with a bachelor’s degree in 2018.

Those grants are split between students who complete the first four years of the degree, and students who will complete all of the four years, depending on the student’s earning potential.

Johnson said that students who earn a Bachelor’s degree will receive grants worth $2,500, while students who do not will receive $1,000.

The program also will provide students with scholarships worth $5,000 if they choose to pursue their degree in a field other than engineering.

Johnson noted that the goal of this initiative is to make the school more competitive for the next wave of students.

Students will also have the option to apply for MIT’s second-chance award, which will be awarded to students in the last year of the first-year program, if they are still pursuing their degree.

Those applicants will be considered in a separate pool for the MIT program.

Johnson said that MIT’s goal of doubling the number students enrolled through the program in the coming years is something that the school has been looking into for a long time.

He said that in addition to the new program, MIT will continue to invest in its undergraduate degree programs and that it plans to launch additional courses that would be competitive with the programs offered by the nation’s top schools.


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