Iowa State seeks scholarship for basketball star,football star

Iowa State seeks scholarship for basketball star,football star

IOWA CITY — Iowa State is seeking a scholarship for its basketball star to play professionally and potentially play in the NBA, coach Mark Mangino announced Wednesday.

Iowa State basketball coach Mark “Boogie” Mangino speaks to the media during a news conference announcing the school’s 2017-18 basketball season at the Iowa State football complex on Jan. 23, 2019 in Ames, Iowa.

(Photo: Matt Young/Des Moines Register via AP)Mangino said the scholarship was being sought for the 2017-19 season.

The university will provide the scholarship if Iowa State agrees to allow him to play for the Iowa Bobcats in the 2018-19 regular season, Mangino said.

The Hawkeyes were one of three schools, along with UCLA, that made offers to Mangino during his time as an assistant coach at Iowa State, but they declined.

Iowa has had success in recent years with players that are not college prospects and have been able to land NBA prospects.

The Hawkeyes landed former Wisconsin point guard Ben McLemore, who has been a starter for the Milwaukee Bucks.

The NCAA’s new rule that allows teams to sign college free agents who have not yet graduated will also allow Iowa to sign players who have played in the NCAA tournament.

Mangio said the Hawkeyes will be in a better position financially to get players to sign with the program.

He said Iowa has been in discussions with a number of other schools, including North Carolina State, who also made offers.

Mandalin said he has spoken to some players who are in a tough spot.

He declined to name the players, saying the university does not want to damage the image of the Hawkeye basketball program.MANGINO: I am going to talk to them about their future.

It is the right thing to do.

They have a lot of support.

They are really proud of us.MALLOY: Why Iowa?

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