What’s in the 2020 Master’s in Science in Biomedical Engineering scholarship?

What’s in the 2020 Master’s in Science in Biomedical Engineering scholarship?

As the 2020 master’s degree in biomedical engineering begins to roll out across the country, Recode has compiled a list of scholarships that will be awarded to the students who apply.

If you’re an aspiring biotechnology engineer and would like to apply, the first step is to get in touch with us.

First, we’re looking for students with the following traits:1.

Excellent work ethic and a strong desire to succeed.2.

Strong academic and/or research skills3.

An interest in the science and/ or technology of the biomedical engineering field.4.

Strong passion for and commitment to the medical community5.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.6.

Interest in medical and biomedical engineering7.

Ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner8.

An ability to apply ideas and concepts in a way that makes sense to students.9.

A strong work ethic10.

An active social presence11.

Interests in science and technology12.

A commitment to academic excellence and research13.

A willingness to commit to a long-term program14.

An understanding of how to best apply the ideas and principles of the program15.

An enthusiasm for the challenge of science and medicine.16.

An aptitude for collaborating with peers in an interdisciplinary setting17.

A desire to work independently18.

Ability in teamwork and communication19.

A clear commitment to working with students and colleagues in a collaborative environment20.

A personal commitment to pursuing a career in biomedical science21.

A positive attitude towards working collaboratively22.

A passion for the community23.

Ability and desire to learn more about the field of biomedical engineering24.

Ability for working independently25.

A sense of purpose in your future direction26.

An open and honest mind27.

An appreciation for the challenges of the world28.

An openness to learning and growing in your career29.

Ability at home and work30.

An awareness of the importance of the work you do for the health of your patients and society31.

An emotional and trusting disposition32.

An abundance of energy and enthusiasm for life33.

A sincere commitment to work for the greater good of society and the health and well-being of the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.34.

An overall desire to contribute to the advancement of medical research and technology.35.

An opportunity to meet new people.

We are particularly interested in candidates with strong interests in biomedical sciences, including, but not limited to, chemistry, biology, computer science, computer engineering, and biomedical research.36.

A deep commitment to diversity in the medical profession.37.

An innate desire to advance the state of medical science in Massachusetts.38.

A love of learning and learning to learn.

We also welcome candidates with a strong commitment to community service and the community.39.

A genuine desire to support a local medical facility40.

A demonstrated ability to take advantage of medical education opportunities offered in Massachusetts and to learn about and apply biomedical sciences to their practice41.

A realistic view of your career potential42.

An optimistic view of the future43.

A dedication to the health, well- being, and well being of the community44.

An affinity for the University of Massachusetts, Boston45.

An individualistic approach to health and wellness.46.

An entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to take risks.47.

A solid understanding of medical and medical device development.48.

A firm grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing medical technology in the future49.

An assertive approach to problem solving50.

A great sense of humor51.

A capacity for self-discipline52.

A high level of commitment to your team53.

A knowledge of the role of the health care industry and the importance it plays in our society54.

A keen interest in technology and technology innovation55.

A ability to make a difference in your community56.

A vision of a healthy and secure society57.

A good attitude in dealing with difficult situations.58.

A sensitivity to criticism59.

An empathy for others60.

An intellectual curiosity and a desire to be inspired61.

An eagerness to learn new and exciting things.62.

A natural ability to relate to others63.

An energetic personality and an ability to communicate and solve problems64.

An adventurous spirit and willingness to tackle new challenges.65.

A belief in the potential of medical technology and a commitment to continuing research.66.

An optimism that we will have a world-class medical system in the coming decades67.

A focus on human dignity and a belief that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.68.

A determination to work in harmony with our fellow citizens69.

An attitude of tolerance and acceptance70.

A trust and confidence in our nation’s institutions71.

An enthusiastic, supportive personality and willingness and ability to be a leader72.

A drive to accomplish something great and a sense of personal responsibility73.

An acute understanding of the complexities of biomedical research and a readiness to learn and apply principles of


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