How the Gates scholarship has helped students go from low-income to college

How the Gates scholarship has helped students go from low-income to college

When a $1,000 scholarship was given to students who have never been to college, it seemed like a godsend.

But it wasn’t long before it became a headache.

Some of the scholarships were used to pay for room and board, while others were given to pay the tuition of the students in attendance.

That left many students with nowhere to go, so they took advantage of other scholarships that had been given out to help them pay for college.

Some people even made money selling their scholarships to students.

The scholarships were supposed to go to students with families in need.

But the amount of money given out is limited, and it was hard to track who was receiving them.

To help students who were struggling financially, the scholarships are being used to help families in their neighborhood, which is a growing segment of the student body.

Now the scholarships, called the Gates Millennium Scholarship, are giving back to students in need, and the program is raising awareness about how to give back to the community.

“If you don’t have a scholarship, how are you going to pay rent or pay for a car or do the things that are going to get you a job?” said Kori Jones, a senior at North Carolina State University.

A family friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave us her story of a scholarship she received after she dropped out of college.

She was an international student studying at UNC Charlotte.

Her family had been struggling financially.

She started working with the school, helping students and their families.

Now she is part of the Gates Scholars program.

Jones said she was thrilled when she received her scholarship.

“It was kind of a huge step forward,” she said.

It was her first scholarship, and she said she has to be careful about giving away her information.

But she said it is important to give her the opportunity to help others, even if it is to help people in her community.

“It is hard to be in this position,” she added.

In addition to giving out scholarships, the Gates Scholarship Fund, which was created in 2005, is a partnership between the Clinton Foundation, the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and the American Association of University Women.

It is also giving away grants to help students with special needs.

This year, it has given away $1.2 million, and last year it donated $1 million.

Students who have not yet received their scholarships will be able to receive one in the fall.

The funds are capped at $2,000 a year.

They will not be able be used for tuition or books.

The Gates Millennium scholarship was created to help low- and moderate-income students with an emphasis on family, community and civic engagement.

We want to help young people understand that they are not alone in their struggle.

They are not the only one who has lost their opportunity because of the financial and economic crisis.

And we want to offer them hope, and make them feel that they have a family and a future,” said Clinton Foundation President Cheryl Mills.

While the Gates Foundation is involved in the program, the Clinton campaign does not have any financial involvement with the program.

It has been in the news for its role in helping to build a $15 minimum wage and to help pay for child care for low-wage workers.