Scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds: How do they work?

Scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds: How do they work?

According to a report published by the National Institute of Indian Studies (NIS) in June, there are several scholarships for students in the low income bracket, from which they can get Rs 2,500 per month in exchange for completing a minimum of six courses, in a few months.

It states that around 1.25 crore students from the lowest income bracket receive the scholarship.

The report, entitled The Promise of a Scholarship for India: How It Works and What It Means, said the aim of the scholarship is to provide the student with financial assistance to meet the cost of the course, and also to help the student find employment in a job in the state.

The NIS also said that this scheme is not open to students from any other socio-economic category and that it is aimed at students who can not afford to pay for the course.

According to the NIS, there is a lack of understanding among the youth in this sector, which may explain why the scholarships are not being used for students with the best chances of getting jobs.

The report further said that the scholarship scheme should be implemented with the participation of parents and community members, as it will have a positive impact on the development of young people and the development in education and health.

“A scholarship scheme can be a catalyst for empowerment, mentorship and empowerment for disadvantaged students, especially girls and youth.

The scholarship scheme needs to be implemented in a transparent manner, especially among the people of the state, to help them to get the most out of the opportunity,” the report said.


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