What’s next for the Unigo 10K scholarship program

What’s next for the Unigo 10K scholarship program

By Ryan Leggett/Tech InsiderThe Unigo Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to the goal of creating a scholarship program that can give a person the financial resources they need to live a full life, has raised $5 million in funding for a program that aims to provide scholarships to Native American students in California.

The program, called the Unicef 10K Scholarship, was designed to offer scholarships to students in a variety of fields, including health care, education, technology, and more.

The program is currently in its final stages of fundraising and is looking to raise $5.5 million for the next year.

The Unicex Scholarship Fund will be the largest single donor to the program.

Unicefyx, the nonprofit that created the program, says it aims to “bring financial independence and a sense of purpose to a generation of young women in our community.”

The Unifyx 10K scholarships will be awarded in the form of one year of tuition, room, and board, as well as financial aid for up to four students, according to the Unifys website.

The first recipients of the scholarships will receive $10,000 and will be announced later this year.

“Unicef is an amazing organization, and it is our hope to bring the passion of Native American women and girls into a program to benefit their community,” the program’s founders said in a statement.

“We look forward to sharing our vision with our incredible community, and we want to thank the Unibys for their support.”

In addition to Unicefs goal of providing scholarships to more Native American high school students, the program will also help students with college financial aid.

The scholarships will also cover tuition and fees for tuition, a room, books, and all other fees related to attending college.

“These scholarships will help students prepare for college, and will help their families get ahead,” the organization said.

“For those who are not in college right now, these scholarships will give them an opportunity to make the most of the opportunities that are now available to them.

The money will be used to help them attend college, while helping their families afford college.”

For more news and information about the Unigos efforts, check out Ars Technic’s coverage of the fund, as we will continue to report on its progress.