U of A graduates are not just good students, they’re brilliant, says UT alum Emily Schmitt

U of A graduates are not just good students, they’re brilliant, says UT alum Emily Schmitt

Posted August 18, 2018 10:08:25Emily Schmitt, an undergraduate at the University of Utah who studied abroad for the last year, says she is excited to be a national treasure.

“The people who are here are so kind,” she said.

“They’re all really kind and they’re so funny.

And they’re amazing.

You can tell the difference between people.

It’s like they’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m going to do this for me.'”

Schmitt, who was accepted to study abroad at the United Kingdom, told The Salt Lake Tribune she is a “fierce advocate” for women.

She says she has made the decision to leave Utah after “a lot of years of being kind of invisible.”

“I really wanted to go to a place that I really loved,” she told the newspaper.

“I had always wanted to come here.

I was a U of U alum.

I had to make the decision that I was going to stay home and focus on the rest of my life.”

Schmitt was inspired to apply to UT’s undergraduate programs because of UT’s academic reputation.

She said she was “blown away” by the university’s application process, which included the University-Wide Scholar-in-Residence program.

“I think the first few weeks I got to see them, I just couldn’t believe it,” she recalled.

“It was the most amazing thing.

They were literally, literally, just looking at me.”

Schmit applied to the undergraduate program at the same time she was applying to the graduate program.

She was surprised to learn that UT had a scholarship for her to go abroad.

Schmitt said she plans to attend a “big-league” university in France.


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