Why Obama Scholarships are a fraud

Why Obama Scholarships are a fraud

Texas Tech University and Elon University are both in the top three recipients of the Obama Presidential Scholarship.

Both schools received $4.5 million, while the University of Texas at Austin got $2.9 million.

The total award to Texas Tech was $3.2 million.

Elon University was awarded $1.9 in scholarships.

The money was split equally among the school’s four schools, and it was split 50/50 between each of the schools.

The scholarships were created by the Obama administration to help low-income students in Texas and other states.

The grants were awarded to universities based on the percentage of their students in the US who received free or reduced-price lunch.

A recent analysis of the data by The Daily Beast found that the program was largely ineffective.

The research found that students who were able to find jobs that provided a high wage were not as likely to pursue other educational options.

For students from lower-income families, the programs reduced their chances of obtaining a college degree, according to the study.

But the study also found that Texas Tech and Elon were able use the money to help more students who could not afford to attend school.

According to the Daily Beast, the scholarships have not helped students with disabilities, students who are on public assistance, and students who live in poverty.

Tech has been criticized for its lack of diversity in the academic programs it offers.

Texas Tech president Greg Fenves is a Black man.

The university is home to some of the nation’s most famous Black and Latino faculty.

Elon is also home to one of the largest Black and Latina student bodies in the country.

The administration of the president of Elon, JB Dominguez, has also been criticized by some for not hiring more qualified candidates to serve as faculty.

Domingues administration has recently been criticized after hiring more Black professors at Elon.

The Daily Show reported that the number of Black faculty members has decreased by more than 25 percent in the past two years.

Elon was criticized by students, faculty, and alumni in a video posted by The Next WeWork in 2015.

“There’s a huge amount of ignorance in the system about the problems with this program, and the impact of the scholarship on our student population,” the video says.

“The whole thing is just really problematic, and I feel like Elon needs to look in the mirror, to say, ‘What the hell happened?'”