How to win £1,000 in the 2018 UK Chegg Scholarship Challenge

There’s a scholarship challenge coming up, so what’s the best way to get your name on one?

Here are the key steps:1.

Find a blog, website or social media platform you enjoy2.

Post your winning entry on the competition page on that platform3.

Enter a link to your entry and click the ‘Submit’ button4.

Your entry will be published on the Chegg website within 24 hours.5.

Post a reply to the comment section of your entry asking for the details of the contest and your winning prize6.

Post the winning entry for at least six months after the deadline7.

You’ll be automatically entered to win the prize of £1.5,000, which is £7,000 on top of the prize you’d be entitled to as part of the Cheg Scholarship Challenge.8.

You can check your entry status at any time by going to the Che, Chegg or Chegg Scholarships page.

The chegg scholarship challenge is a great way to help support your chosen field and to make a positive impact in your chosen industry.

This challenge has no cash value and will not be refunded if you fail to win.

Chegg says: “As a company we love supporting and educating people in our industry and have great ideas for new opportunities for people in your area.

This is why we have a great prize to offer for those who have won a prize, so they can take advantage of all the great things the Chegs have to offer.”

Chegg has been the first company to launch a scholarship scheme in the UK and we’re excited to see the benefits that this scheme has on the whole of the UK economy.

“Chegg offers scholarships to people across the world.

We are looking forward to seeing the results from this year’s challenge.

More information on Chegg’s scholarship scheme can be found on their website here.