How to become a USC scholarship central

How to become a USC scholarship central

If you are a current USC student and would like to apply for a scholarship central, please use the links below to apply.

If you do not have a USCCS account, you may register your interest online and select the scholarship central option.

Scholarship Central – USC Scholarship Central application process and deadlines Scholarly Scholarship Central is a new initiative of USC that will assist current students in applying for scholarships, scholarships central, and other academic aid through a web platform.

The USCC Scholarship Central website is designed to assist students with scholarship applications and help ensure the success of scholarship central applicants.

USCCS Scholarship Central Scholarship Central applicants will be able to search for scholarships and apply for scholarships via the USCC’s scholarship central website.

Scholarships central applications are reviewed by an advisory committee comprised of USCC faculty, staff, and alumni who will assist in evaluating applicants and making recommendations for scholarships central applications. 

Scholarships Central applicants may select the Scholarship Central button to submit their application and receive notification about their decision.

Applicants will be notified about the decision within 5 business days of receiving their application.

To apply for an undergraduate scholarship central: