The best scholarships 2019

The best scholarships 2019

The 2019 NCAA men’s basketball tournament starts Friday, and college basketball fans can expect some exciting matchups.

Here’s a look at some of the best scholarship scholarships for 2019-20.

Editor’s Picks NCAA men`s basketball tournament: Big 12 and Big Ten get big spots The Big 12 will be playing three top teams in the NCAA men�s basketball tourney.

The Big Ten will have two.

The Pac-12 has one.

The ACC and SEC will be at home for the tourney and will be paired against a No. 1 team.

The Atlantic Coast Conference and Big East will have three apiece.

NCAA Tournament bracket: The Big East gets a Big Ten team for the tournament, but it�s not clear if the league will face the Big Ten at the tournament.

The league may play a second-round game, but no clear No. 2 or No. 3 seed has been announced.

Here�s the NCAA tournament bracket for 2019.