HPSP scholarship interview question, hpsp,movies,students

HPSP scholarship interview question, hpsp,movies,students

HPSPE is an educational and career path for young people aged 15 to 24 with specialised skills, qualifications and interests in video games, media, technology, technology engineering and arts.

It is currently a three-year, £7,000-a-year programme that allows students to complete a range of projects and internships.

The programme is led by the HPSPS, the HPCE and the HPME, and students can enrol from August 2018, which is when the first HPS students are due to start working.

Here are some of the questions that have been put to the group.


Do you consider yourself a game developer?

Yes or no. 2.

Which is your favourite game?



If you were to build a computer game, what would it be?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


Do all of your friends play games?

No. 5.

Do any of your school friends play?

No, they all play games.


Do your friends have friends that play games, or do you get along with them better than anyone else?



What is your most memorable moment in the past year?

My dad got a new Xbox.

He asked me to take a tour of the Microsoft Store and the Games Store.


Do games have a future in the UK?

The answer is yes, there are lots of games that we love playing.


If it were up to you, what games would you like to see come to the UK in the future?

My parents are already playing Halo, Minecraft and Destiny, which they love.


What are your favourite games?

I love games like Minecraft and The Sims.


Do kids today have an affinity for the world of video games?

Yes, but they’re just not as active as they used to be. 12.

Do video games make you happier than other types of entertainment?

Video games are my favourite kind of entertainment.


What do you find the most appealing about games and the people that make them?

They’re creative, they’re interesting and they’re a lot of fun to play.


How did you find out you were interested in game development?

I played Minecraft for a year and a half and then decided to join a coding club.

It was fun.

It wasn’t just about playing games, it was about making things, building stuff.


What would you do if you could do everything in one day?

I’d play a game all day and do something else all day.


What video game do you wish you had?

The Sims 2.


Do people in the gaming industry hate you?

The gaming industry hates me.

I hate that.


What makes you happiest?

When I play games it makes me feel like I have fun.

I also love hearing from people.

I’ve had so many amazing people come and say they played with me. 19.

What game do your parents hate the most?

I hate Halo because of how much work it takes to play it. 20.

What games are you most excited to play?

The ones that I really enjoy playing, like Portal and Minecraft.


If your life depended on it, what day would it start on?

My birthday is August 14.


What’s your favourite part of the summer?

I think summer is when we get to spend a lot more time together and we get a chance to play more games together.


What day would you most like to start your new job?

My day would be when we’re working, and then my day would end when we go home.


What was your favourite summertime memory?

My family went out to celebrate with us and they had a barbecue.


What has been the most fun summertime thing you’ve done?

Having to learn how to make games is always a really fun experience, and it’s something I’d love to do again.


What books have you been reading?

Minecraft is the best book I’ve ever read.

It’s a good game for kids.


What does summer look like to you?

I would say it’s more of a period.

I get out, I make games, I do some things, I just go for a walk and get a cup of tea.


What summertime activities would you enjoy the most in the summertime?

It would be going out, playing games with friends and going to the cinema and doing some things with my mum.


What advice would you give young people interested in learning to code?

Make sure you’re doing what you love to be doing.

Don’t be afraid of going into games because of what it looks like or what it sounds like.

Don, don’t be scared to ask for help.

If something isn’t working, don, don.


What were some of your favourite Summer holidays and what would