A ‘critical language’ scholarship fund aims to help the voiceless in Texas

A ‘critical language’ scholarship fund aims to help the voiceless in Texas

The Louisiana State University School of the Arts and Humanities is partnering with the University of Texas at Austin to fund a scholarship fund to help students learn to speak their native languages.

The initiative is aimed at helping students learn how to learn the languages they’re learning in order to be able to become effective members of the academic community.

It’s the latest step in a nationwide push by academic institutions and organizations to make English a more popular language in the classroom.

The Louisiana School of Art and the University at Austin both offer English language training in the field.

The Louisiana State Department of Education and Louisiana Arts and Sciences Alliance also will be the two sponsors of the scholarship fund.

The university said in a news release that the scholarships will cover tuition, room and board and other expenses for students in the program.

Louisiana State University President Dr. John W. Boren said the fund is a great example of the way that Louisiana can help those who need it most.

Boren said in an interview with The Associated Press that he believes English is a critically important language and that he is very glad to see a state like Louisiana providing it with resources for those who want to learn to become fluent in their native tongues.

He said the Louisiana State College of Art & Design is also providing a training course in the language.

The fund will be administered by the Louisiana Arts & Sciences Alliance.

Buren said it will be funded with money that will be donated to the Louisiana School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and will be used to help those in need.