How to get a scholarship to help the needy

How to get a scholarship to help the needy

Students from around the country have joined forces to launch a scholarship programme that offers financial aid to students from families that have been affected by the flooding.

The Indian Institutes of Technology, Madras, and the Centre for Research in Post-Modernity have launched the scholarships programme to help those who have been displaced by the flood and their families.

Amitabh Bachchan and Anupam Kher have started a website called Scholarship for Refugees, where they have shared information about their project.

“My parents were living in a very bad state and we had no money to survive, so we were forced to live in our own home.

We had no choice but to go to the sea to seek help,” said Amitabh.

This is not the first time the couple have launched scholarships to help others.

Their previous scholarship, for the family of an Indian Army soldier, has helped a total of 12 families with a total amount of Rs 1.35 crore.

Another project that has been launched in Madras is the scholarship to provide a scholarship for a refugee to attend a college.

“We have also created scholarships to the families of soldiers who were injured in the floods and are suffering from malnutrition,” said Anupum.

Students from around India are joining forces to create a scholarship scheme to help displaced students, who have become stranded in flooded areas.

The initiative is named after former Indian Army captain Amitabhal, who was killed in the flood in 2014.

“We started the project to help our fellow countrymen who have suffered in the flooding,” said Aseemanand.

For the next six months, students at the institute have been gathering information on the extent of the damage in their area and sharing it with the government.

They are now working towards getting the funds to fund the scholarships for the families.

“If they can provide the funds, they can help their students,” said Aditya.

There are more than 10,000 students from all over India studying at the Indian Institutes, Madrapathas, and other centres.

Bachchan and Kher said they had learnt a lot from the students about how to build a campaign for helping the needy.

“One thing is that we learnt that the best way to help is through action.

We have already created the scholarship for the refugee’s family, and are now in talks with the university to help them,” said Bachchan.


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